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Financial Education Seminars

CommonWealth One is committed to educating our members and the communities we serve, which is why we offer a number of a variety of financial seminars. If your organization or community would like more information or is interested in scheduling one of our financial seminars, email us at or call (703) 823-5211 or (800) 424-3334 and ask to speak to a Business Development Representative. 

Home Buyer Education: Preparing Your Finances

Learn about myths and common misconceptions of the home buying process, tips to shore up your spending plan and pare debt, upfront costs of purchasing a house, and much more.

Identity Theft: Who's Got Your Number?

Become skilled at spotting phony phishing attacks in your inbox, shop safely online, and know what to do if you're a victim of fraud.

Build a Basic Budget: The 5-Step Spending Plan

Draw your own financial blueprint for saving money. 

CreditAbility: Build a Strong Credit History

Establish credit if you don't have any, or rebuild your existing credit in this informative seminar.

Take Charge: Wise Use of Credit Cards

Get valuable tips about how to use credit cards wisely and safely. 

Take the Wheel: Get the Best Car Deal

Determine how much you can afford, deal with dealers, negotiate the best car price, and get the car you really want.

Value of a Dollar: Teaching Your K-8 Child

Learn how children learn about money; and get goal-setting, budgeting, saving, and investing teaching tools.