Fee Schedule

Effective Date: November 1, 2019

Checking Accounts Below Minimum Balance or Requirements Not Met

Anytime Checking (4 free per month) $2.00/ visit
Relationship Checking* $7.00/ month
Relationship Plus Checking* $12.00/ month

Basic Business Checking (Avg. daily balance below $500, 50 items free)

$5.00/ month
Premier Business Checking (Avg. daily balance below $3,000, 300 items free) $20.00/ month

Value Business Checking (Avg. daily balance below $1,500, 150 items free)

$10.00/ month
Items Over the Maximum Limit $.25/ item
ACH Overdraft  $30.00/ item
Counter Checks $2.50
Excessive Regulation D Transactions applicable to Money Management Accounts only (>6) $30.00
Inactive Checking1  $5.00/ month
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) $30.00/ item
NSF (Overdraft Privilege)    $30.00/ item
Returned Check Drawn on Another Bank  $30.00
Returned Check Written by 3rd Party $10.00
Stop Payment (in branch or Member Contact Center) $30.00
Stop Payment (in Online Banking) $14.00/ item
Uncollected Funds/UCF (Deposits on Hold)  $30.00
Visa Debit Card
ATM Withdrawal (non-COFCU machine) $1.00
Transaction Resulting in Overdraft $30.00
Foreign Transaction Fee (Calculated in US dollars) 1% of total transaction
Replacement Card or PIN $5.00
Photocopy of Sales Draft $5.00
Online Bill Pay
Same Day Non-Electronic Payment $19.95
Same Day Electronic Payment $14.95
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) $30.00/ item
Stop Payment (paid by check) $30.00
Account Reconciliation/ Research $25.00/ hour
ACH Overdraft $30.00/ item
Bad Address Maintenance $5.00/ month
Deposit/ Collection (Foreign Check) $10.00 minimum
Escheatment Processing $50.00
Garnishment/ Attachment of Account  $50.00
Inactive Share Account2 $5.00 /month
Dormant Account3 $5.00/ month
Levy Against Account $50.00
Medallion Signature Guarantee Free
Official Checks (1 Free per Day) $4.00/ check
Express Shipping Fee (Debit/ Credit Card) $35.00
Solutions Checking Account $10.00/ month
Statement/ Check Copy $5.00
Stop Payment of Official Check $30.00
Verification of Deposit $15.00
Wire Transfer (Outgoing)
Domestic $15.00
International $50.00


  • *Monthly checking fee waived: Relationship Checking – Member maintains Direct Deposit or $1,000 average daily checking balance or $5,000 average combined balance in savings & loan; Relationship Plus Checking – Member maintains $10,000 average daily checking balance or $25,000 in loan & savings. Loan balance excludes first mortgages and Federal student loan.
  • 1 Balance less than $100 and no activity one year or more.
  • 2 No other relationship but share account and balance less than $100, and no activity one year or more. Members under 18,Trust, and Custodial accounts excluded.
  • 3 Account with no activity for three years.
  • Fees for Overdrawing Accounts. Fees may be imposed on each check, draft, item, debit card withdrawal, electronic withdrawal or transfer transaction that is drawn on an insufficient available account balance.