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Programs & Resources

College Student Services

We offer college student services for students at all schools nationwide.  Busy students need access to their money — fast. For all the financial services you need, the StudentOne Package provides plenty of benefits.

Student Loans & Credit Cards

  • Apply for our Visa Credit Cards to use for your everyday purchases. Using credit wisely can help you build a good credit history.
  • Private Student Loans
  • Private Consolidation Loans
  • Campus Bookstore Loan (borrow up to $3,000 for a laptop, tablet, books and more) - This loan is available only for the James Madison University's community.


Students are extremely busy balancing course loads, jobs, activities and more. CommonWealth One’s free E-Services and your mobile phone, computer, or tablet make it easy to take care of your money on the go.
  • Online Banking and Mobile Apps
  • Apple PayTM
  • Mobile MyDeposit (Deposit your check for free with your smart phone)
  • iPhone, iPad and Android apps
  • Free transfers between other banks and credit unions
  • Use Popmoney for free to send or receive money from anyone, anywhere
  • Text Banking