James Madison University Student Services

We have been the James Madison University on-campus credit union since 1992 and offer you absolute banking convenience, great rates and staff that understand you.  It's easy to bank with us today by opening your account online or visiting our branch on campus in Madison Union.

Why choose a credit union over a traditional bank? Credit unions offer better rates, lower fees and personalized service focused on your needs.  We are your on-campus financial resource!

Here is a handy checklist of items you need to have to open an account at our Madison Union branch:

  • A valid photo I.D. or JAC card
  • Know your full SSN
  • 17 or older can open up an individual account, however it is recommended that all student accounts be joint at first. If joint, the parent or joint owner will need both a photo I.D. and know their SSN, in addition to signing the appropriate paperwork.

Tip: Get Your Financial Aid Refund Faster

Use direct deposit to deposit financial aid funds into your CommonWealth One Account. Use our routing number 256078365 and your account number when you complete your Higher One* application forms.

Information for Parents

It's easy to stay connected to your son or daughter while they are at school.  We offer a variety of ways to transfer money to them for free with Online Banking.  In addition to our full-service, on-campus branch and services, CommonWealth One has:

  • Additional branches in and around Harrisonburg, in Northern Virginia and in Washington, DC
  • The largest network of shared branches nationwide and no-fee ATMs
  • A full suite of online and mobile banking services for students and parents on the go
  • Financial education resources in our branches and online through Savvy Money 

Set up your student for financial success at school by opening a CommonWealth One account today! (Consider opening your own account, too, for easy money transfers and more!)

We are always available if you have questions and look forward to being your child's lifetime financial partner.  


  • CommonWealth One is not affiliated with Higher One.