Mistakes Happen

Sometimes the unexpected can happen and your account does not have sufficient funds to pay a transaction.  CommonWealth One offers several ways to protect your account and your good name.

Overdraft Transfers

If you do not have sufficient funds in your checking account to cover a transaction, we will first attempt to pay the overdraft through transfers of available funds from your savings or money management accounts. If there are available funds to cover the transaction, the transfer will happen automatically and there is no charge for this service.


You may also apply for our OneLine overdraft line of credit, which can also be linked to your checking account.  OneLine is a personal loan that requires loan approval. Please contact us for more information or for an application.

Courtesy Pay

If you do not have sufficient funds in your savings account or an overdraft line of credit, we may cover your overdraft through Courtesy Pay. Courtesy Pay is a service that conveniently covers your checking account from unexpected expenses that cause overdrafts on your account. The fee for this service is $30 per transaction. Courtesy pay is activated, after qualification and enrollment, when you do not have sufficient funds in your linked savings accounts.

Accounts in good standing may be enrolled in Courtesy Pay* for checks, bill pay payments, and ACH payments.  However, you must voluntarily opt-in to Courtesy Pay for coverage for everyday debit card transactions, recurring debit card transactions and ATM withdrawals.  

How Do I Opt-In?

When opening a new checking account, you will be asked whether you want to Opt-In to Courtesy Pay*.  If you wish to Opt-In after your account is opened or change your election, simply submit your request for Courtesy Pay online using our DocuSign form or download the PDF of our Courtesy Pay Overdraft Protection Form and return it to a CommonWealth One branch near you.

*In order to qualify for Courtesy Pay, your account must be open for at least sixty (60) days and be in good standing.  You must be at least 18 years of age, and we must have a valid physical address on file. You cannot be in default on any loan or other obligation to CommonWealth One and cannot be subject to any legal, administrative order, or levy. If your account qualifies for Courtesy Pay, your account must be brought to a positive balance within a thirty (30) day period or you may be removed from the program.

Courtesy Pay eligibility will continue to be at the discretion of CommonWealth One and can be revoked at any time.  If you exceed the Courtesy Pay limit, non-sufficient fund fees will be charged to your account accordingly. Certain restrictions apply. Please contact a Member Service Representative for a copy of our policy or more details on this service.