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As a member of CommonWealth One, you enjoy the many benefits we offer, including personalized service; optimal convenience; a voice in the way your credit union operates; and higher general earnings on your savings.

One of the biggest and best advantages that we offer our members is lower interest rates on loans. That means every month, you probably pay less interest on your loans that your friends who got loans from big banks.

Why is that? Credit unions are member-based not-for-profit financial organizations. The higher interest rates your friends pay from big for-profit banks go to the bank’s profits. But credit unions like CommonWealth One return those profits to our members in the form of lower interest rates!

The industry average rate on new credit cards is about 13.61% APR, but on average, credit union rates are nearly 2% lower. Personal Loans average nearly 3% lower. Home Equity Lines of Credit average almost 1% lower at credit unions. Our mortgages come with lower interest rates — and you may be able to save hundreds on closing costs, too!

Need a new ride? Our auto loans are less expensive than big banks or your local car dealership. The banking industry average on a new car loan is 4.38% APR. But right now at CommonWealth One, you can be approved for a new car loan for as little as 1.99% APR.*

In other words, on a $30,000, 5-year auto loan, you’ll save more than $1,900 in interest alone with CommonWealth One.

So, when we encourage you to “Team Up with The ONE,” we really do have your best interest in mind! You can’t lose when you get a loan with CommonWealth One!

When you get a loan with us, you’ll automatically be entered into our drawing to win $1,000!1 (There are also weekly drawings to win $100!) Learn more at

Plus, if you do really need that new ride, join us for our upcoming webinar, “Take the Wheel for the Best Deal” on Wednesday, July 15 at 12 p.m. You can sign up free at

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