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We’re heading into summer, and with longer days and perhaps fewer responsibilities, it’s a perfect time to go back to school!

Wait — what?!

Yes, we know — maybe summer school when you were growing up wasn’t very fun. Or, maybe you never attended summer school.

But we promise you that CommonWealth One’s version of summer school is very different. It’s entirely optional, free, on your schedule, and we promise you’ll be happy you attended these webinars from CommonWealth One.

Use this summer to learn how to build a better credit score, create a realistic and workable budget, and make a solid financial plan, too!

These summer webinars will serve you well throughout the year. Here are three ways:

  • With a better credit score, you’ll pay less in interest and get better terms on your loans when you need them.
  • With a budget, those surprise emergency expenses won’t put you into a financial bind. Plus, you will find that your savings will increase and you’ll feel much less financial stress around the holidays.
  • With a better understanding about buying a home and using your home’s equity, you’ll be able to reach your financial dreams (and other dreams) much faster than you thought!

Click the Calendar of Events link below to view a complete schedule of the free webinars we are offering this month! And, then, you can register for these webinars too!

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