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The saying goes, “Knowledge is power.”

We know from 75 years of financial experience that when you have financial knowledge, you have the power to make better decisions about what you drive, where you go on vacation, what home you can buy, where you can get an education, and so much more.

Here at CommonWealth One, we’re focused on financial knowledge and giving you the financial power to change your life for the better.

To gain knowledge, you need to be able to see your complete financial picture and create a map to get you from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.

Your financial picture includes your credit score, your income and debt, and your short-term and long-term financial plans.

What’s Your Credit Score?

Your credit score is one great way to see the outline of your financial picture. It tells you about your financial health, as this score factors in your debt-to-income ratio, whether you pay your bills on time and much more. Your credit score can affect the interest rate you pay on all of your loans, and it can determine how much credit you can access. Once you know your credit score, you can talk to us about how to raise that score to give you more financial power.

You can learn more about this in our May 14 webinar Building Good Credit. This webinar at 10 a.m. and again at 2:30 p.m. will provide practical, actionable information about your credit score and how to raise it. You can register here to attend this free online event!

How to Make a Financial Plan

Once you understand your credit score and you take a look at your income and expenses, making a solid financial plan will help you move forward toward achieving the life you want. A financial plan is like a map of where you’re going and how you’re getting there!

Financial planning isn’t just for people who are in the highest tax bracket — it’s a useful tool for everyone whether you’re at the start of your financial journey or you’re nearing retirement.

CommonWealth One offers a variety of useful online tools for financial planning. Join our financial planning webinar to learn about these tools and learn how financial planning can help you! The Financial Planning webinar is on May 21 and May 22, both at 11 a.m. You can register here.

CommonWealth One also offers free financial resources online that you can use to help you map your course. We also offer financial counseling to assist you need help understanding your credit, budgeting, credit counseling and more. And, whether you’re new to financial planning or looking to get a second opinion on your current financial plans, you can talk to our CommonWealth One Financial Network advisor for a complimentary consultation.

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