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Don't Fall Victim to Fraudsters Ploys

Scammers employ a variety of tactics to obtain your information and gain access to your accounts.  This includes posing as CommonWealth One or other financial institutions.  In the event that we contact you regarding an account issue or to verify a questionable transaction, we will never call you and ask you for the following:

  1. Your account number
  2. Your online banking (or any other) passwords
  3. Your credit/debit card number, PIN or CVV code
  4. Your social security number or other personal information like date of birth

Given the advancement in technology, it is plausible that fraudsters might mimic a CommonWealth One website and even phone numbers.  Beware of requests in the form of text messages and emails too! Remember, you can always initiate a call to us at (800)424-3334 and be certain you are talking to a legitimate CommonWealth One representative.  In cases where you initiate a call to us, we may ask questions to confirm your identity, which may include some of those mentioned above – BUT we will never call you and ask you to tell us that information. When in doubt, terminate the call and reach out to us directly. And, NEVER click on links in emails, text messages, and social post that ask you to provide your personal information.

Don’t succumb to pressure from fraudsters

Scammers are aware that we are more prone to reveal sensitive details if we are subjected to threats and fear tactics – including the fear of missing out. Be cautious of any threats to close your account or block your card unless specific information is provided immediately.  Again, if you are uncertain, it is best to reach out to us directly.

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