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Taking on more responsibility after graduating might be overwhelming but you don't have to do it alone!

After spending years focused on your education, there is something truly joyful about receiving your first paycheck from your first post-college job!

You've made it! You're finally, really adulting!

While newfound independence is something to celebrate, don't spend all the money you just made on the celebration!

CommonWealth One is here — and we'll be celebrating that first paycheck right along with you, but we also want you to think responsibly about your financial future. There's a lot to know about transitioning from college to work life and transitioning from being a student to being a working adult.

Here are a few things to know about making the transition successfully:

Create a budget. Being an adult can come with a lot more expenses than you may be used to having! From rent and utility bills to student loan payments, groceries and a workplace-appropriate wardrobe, you'll have a lot of expenses.

It's truly worth your time to calculate how much you expect to spend on each category and get a good understanding of how far your money will go. (Every month, CommonWealth One offers free webinars on how to create a budget, so sign up for one of those. We promise it will help! Go to for more information.)

Hold off on the major purchases. One of the first things you should do is start saving up for major expenses you think you'll have coming up — whether it's a new car you'll need or a cross-country move for a job. A great way to do this is to automatically move a certain amount from every paycheck into your savings account! CommonWealth One can set that up for you easily!

Team up with CommonWealth One for a smooth transition. When you're ready, we can help you build credit with our Visa® Platinum Rewards credit card, help with your first auto loan with great rates, a transition loan to help you secure that first apartment, and so much more.

We're looking forward to celebrating all of your life's major milestones, starting with transitioning from college to the working world and we're excited to be your lifetime financial partner!

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