Skip-A-Payment Program

Our Skip-A-Payment program can help lighten your load and give you some extra breathing room.  

Eligible loans for members affected by COVID-19: 

*Note:  There are also programs for members with credit cards and first mortgages. 

Credit Cards -  Credit cardholders can request "Emergency Assistance Services" by calling (866) 820-5871. 

Mortgage Loans - Please contact your mortgage servicer, Midwest Loan Services' Loss Mitigation Department at  (800) 240-4214 or email to discuss available options.

Skip payments are not guaranteed and are subject to approval.  The authorization of a skip payment will extend the maturity date of the loan.  Interest will continue to accrue.  A Credit Union representative will notify you by phone or email if your loan is not eligible for a skip payment.  If we are unable to reach you by phone or email, a letter will be sent to notify you of the decision. 

Eligibility Qualifications:

Complete the Secure Electronic Form to request a skip payment on your CommonWealth One loan(s) by clicking the link below.

Please Note:  Due to increased volume, your payment skip request will take up to 5 business days to complete.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.