Youth Saturdays

CommonWealth One Wants all our members to succeed financially – even our youngest members!

We know teaching children money management skills can be a difficult job, but we are focused and dedicated to finding ways to help you raise money-savvy kids.  That's why the last Saturday of every month is Youth Saturday!

Our Youth Saturdays are a perfect way to make banking and saving money both fun and rewarding for your child. Bring your child into our Main Branch in Alexandria or the Harrisonburg Regional Branch on the last Saturday of the month to open their account and/or make a deposit.  They will receive a Mini Savers Rewards Card, which we will stamp every time they make a deposit of any amount to their account.  With their 5th stamp, they'll receive a special prize to reward them for being a super saver!

Come out on the last Saturday of the month and help your child get in on the fun of banking and reap the rewards of saving!